A little trick that you can do before the summer wedding

summer wedding

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Many brides prefer to celebrate your wedding in a hot season such as spring or this season that we have entered the summer. Anyway, whatever the time of year when we decided to get married almost always have a tone morenito on our skin so as to be a little more beautiful on our big day.

As said earlier, if we marry in the summer we take advantage of natural sunlight to make the occasional trip to the beach, for a perfect beach wedding in Thailand, the sun can be good for the skin but without excess, and in some cases and depending on the type of skin you have, we may leave spots on the face, which can ruin your wedding photos, so it is very important that we use a sunscreen with a high factor, which not abuse the sun and also use lotion once at home.

Here we give you a little trick that you can do home yourselves at home and must take into account.

To make your own cream for sunspots will need a teaspoon of lemon juice, a cup of oatmeal and a chopped tomato ripe.

We’ll have to mix all ingredients well, better if we can get a blender and so we need to get the dough. Once all is well liquefied, we will apply on the skin and add a little oatmeal and thereby thicken a little more. We’ll let the mask sit for about 10 minutes and then rub with a washcloth dipped in warm water beforehand.

It is advisable that this mask is applied at night.


Wedding honeymoon, Greek islands cruises

Wedding honeymoon, Greek islands cruises

Hello, friends, today we’ll talk about something that fancy, fancy, and much.. .. .. comes and with it the warmth travel, beaches, cruises, vacations and wedding honeymoon.

Now you have it already? Well, if you have not yet decided where to go and what to do with your honeymoon, I’ll leave you today with an open mouth, I bring you a bargain, an OFFERTORY, you no longer have to worry anymore about it, a less to end the organization of your wedding.

Today we propose something that if you have not yet decided what will be your route …. Is romantic, quiet, adventure, or all together? Je that would be great. We propose for future grooms a dream trip, a cruise around the Greek Islands, bug … I’ve always wanted to go cruising, it’s my dream, preparing my wedding and a romantic trip with my boy, for Greece, I love it! Someday it will come true.

Seeking internet today I found a site where Greek islands cruises are drawn in price, perhaps here is my chance! They give you an all-inclusive price, you speak Spanish, pre-sale, transfer included, also included flight, full board, if you have kids they will go free which is great because it will save more.

What more could you want? All I got here, check out the website and do not kid yourself this is your chance.

I already I have a clear budget and have asked if I want to be sure I do, I’ll go before I married honeymoon to the Greek islands and cruise!! Ah and our 3-year-old daughter.
Now I shall count such hath been the cruise, have fun!


Relieve stress before the wedding with Magnesium

Relieve stress before the wedding with Magnesium

As the date of the wedding day approaches, much effort is taking its toll and eventually the stress is present in our lives. There are people who influence them by taking away the stress of sleep and appetite or the opposite, creating incredible food binge.

Here are some remedies for stress naturally so you can get to the wedding day rested, refreshed and relaxed.

One of the natural anti-stress remedies is magnesium, essential to numerous bodily functions. It is known for preserving the balance nerve and muscle, preventing fatigue, acting as a sedative on the nervous system.

Our modern diet does not always cover the daily needs and magnesium deficiency is very common in our population. You can correct eating foods rich in magnesium but you have to know they are very low due to excessive refining foodstuffs. You can find magnesium in chocolate, nuts (sunflower, sesame, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, and walnuts), shellfish, although we must be careful not to over-consume because these foods are high in calories. You can also opt for whole grains, soy, or legumes.


Brides dresses with high neck neckline

Brides dresses with high neck neckline

For those more formal brides who like a more sober style for your wedding day, there is a perfect style for them, these dresses with a high neck or gooseneck.

Wedding dresses with high neck neckline are perfect for those brides who want to give an elegant style and also her figure. As mentioned above, is perfect for those brides more formal, which do not like to attract attention with low necklines and prefer the warmer air.

Wedding dresses neckline with this type we can find all cuts and colors, such as mermaid-cut dresses and lace collars, or other bodies with ruffles and silk. If you have chosen for your wedding collar and do not know what hairstyle you favor more, we recommend that you opt for a secluded as this will give more prominence to your dress. As for supplements, it is preferable not choose too large, if not some more discreet, such as small earrings that highlight either the cleavage you have chosen.

Year after year, we can see on the catwalks different wedding dresses with high collars or swan, is that this is a much style as time goes on, will always remain.


Gold Colored Wedding


There is no doubt that gold is one of the colors of the season, which takes a lot and sure you’ve seen in some other party this Christmas.

And is that the gold is undoubtedly one of the colors associated with Christmas, but you can get to wonder if you have a wedding in sight, since gold is one of the trendy colors and also can be really well on such a special occasion like a wedding.

If you dropped the most, you can opt for a dress in gold, then you’ll become a star of the party.

But if you like the golden color and do not want to get noticed, you have another option: go for the gold in the supplement. Earrings, rings, bracelets … or even shoes, a safe bet that appealing.

Incidentally, if you’re not the wedding guest, but the bride, do not have to give up the gold. Maybe you can wear a wedding dress in gold. For example, Rosa Clara had some proposals for a golden bridge last season.

Also, another great way to wear the gold is to keep them.