Gold Colored Wedding


There is no doubt that gold is one of the colors of the season, which takes a lot and sure you’ve seen in some other party this Christmas.

And is that the gold is undoubtedly one of the colors associated with Christmas, but you can get to wonder if you have a wedding in sight, since gold is one of the trendy colors and also can be really well on such a special occasion like a wedding.

If you dropped the most, you can opt for a dress in gold, then you’ll become a star of the party.

But if you like the golden color and do not want to get noticed, you have another option: go for the gold in the supplement. Earrings, rings, bracelets … or even shoes, a safe bet that appealing.

Incidentally, if you’re not the wedding guest, but the bride, do not have to give up the gold. Maybe you can wear a wedding dress in gold. For example, Rosa Clara had some proposals for a golden bridge last season.

Also, another great way to wear the gold is to keep the

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